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The Rules of Membership

Our members have access to opportunities in return for being discreet and providing a service by filling empty seats.

There are ten simple rules you have to follow to become a Central Tickets member. ​ ​Please take time to understand them as we do not make any exceptions to them under any circumstances.

There are 10 Important Rules of Membership


Do not make any reference to Central Tickets, or any of our events on social media, or fan-page groups.


Never contact a venue to ask questions directly. Please refer your questions to Central Tickets.


Do not forward our emails to anyone and do not allow anyone to use your account.


Do not allow anyone to collect tickets on your behalf, passing along tickets to anyone else is strictly forbidden.


Be friendly and polite to Box Office staff and make no mention of free or complimentary tickets at the venue.


Please always follow the collection instructions detailed in the listing, the PDF ticket and the confirmation email.


Members must book a seat-filling booking once every 12 months and not cancel any of their first 3 bookings.


Members can cancel up to three bookings per year and must always provide us with at least 3 hours notice.


Cancelled Bookings are non-refundable - please make sure you can attend before make a booking.


Always bring a print or screen grab of your PDF confirmation and have it ready to show when collecting tickets.