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Whether it's a talk, pub theatre or stadium shows - our reliable team will help provide an appreciative audience from our pool of discreet, reliable members.

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Why work with Central?

Social Distancing – you can ask us to fill specific quantities of group sizes for each performance of your event.

Contact Tracing – we provide the name & email address of each ticket holder to meeet UK Gov Test & Trace Guidelines.

Ticket Types - you can sell
up to twelve different ticket
types with varying numbers
of allocations, for each event you list.

Dynamic Updates – when You list your event with us we’ll provide you with a dynamic link where you can view bookings, export provisional guest lists & view feedback.

Professional – our reliable, friendly team are always on hand to quickly respond to your questions. We guarantee to respond to your emails within thirty minutes or less.

Reliable – we are only as good as the number of tickets we book for your event. 72.1% of our clients cited our uptake rates as their reason for working with Central.

Seat Numbers on Tix -
we can put your seat numbers on our e-tickets to avoid COBO queues & maintain social distance.

Waiting List - when we fully book your event, we automatically keep a waiting list in the event you want to offer additional last minute tix.

QR Codes - for clients who scan tickets, we provide QR codes, and the export needed to scan our tickets with your scanners.

Guestlists - we send names over in PDF, CSV, Excel, Manifest or QR Code format 3 hours ahead of curtain up.

Secure - our discreet members access listings behind a secure, password protected website and respect our rules.

Reliable - our members commit to attending the events they book. Any
no-shows are removed from our list.

Marketing - our team
are able to hyper-target promotion for your event
to minimise the recipient count for your offer.

Feedback - we collect
detailed feedback for
every show we list and
deliver it automatically
by email.

Discretion - we offer
a hidden listing feature for clients who prefer that their event does not appear on our main listings.

Offers - as well as traditional papering we
sell tickets to our
database of members via Encore & Ingresso.

Audience Spend - our member's spend £18 on average (per group) on ancillary items, whilst attending events.

Upselling - encourage our members with promotions for future events or upselling promotions with graphic ads on e-tickets.

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